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At Tally innovation never stops. Our drive to simplify the lives of business owners never fades. That is why , we have gone a step further to #MakeEveryDaySimple for you

Simplified the simplest so you can discover the product easily and make the product do more For you without learning anything new

Introduced greater flexibility to help the product adapt even more to your business and Way of working

Transformed the look and feel to make you love the product even more

Simple Additions. Everlasting Impact.

While there are several experiences that we have introduced in TallyPrime, here are a few That we believe will make you love the prime experience and never want to go back to the older Versions!

Little Things That Make A Whole Lot Of Difference

Here are some more enhancements that have been introduced to make your life simpler and delight you.

The product come with an intelligent setup manager, that can interact with all the components of the system where Tally is running and guide you to troubleshoot any licensing or application
Run-time issues

Now navigate windows folders from within the product while finding a location to either create company data or to load existing company data.

Introduction of single sign-on experience so you can load multiple companies with the same credentials using a single log-in

Introduction of windows key combinations like Ctrl +C and Ctrl+V adds to harmonization.

Mouse compatibility has been enhanced so that you get the same level of convenience as keyboard.

Introduction of change mode to toggle between the various modes of a transaction without needing to worry about pre-configurations.

Ready To Move To TallyPrime?

A valid TSS subscription ensures that you can move to TallyPrime for free. If you don’t have one, all you need to do is visit www.tallysolutions-me.com Alternatively, you can also get in touch with your Tally Partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

This topic lists the different frequently asked questions (FAQ) on different areas in TallyPrime and the responses to each of the questions.

New Product Experince

In Tally.ERP 9, the bottom button used to have capabilities which were universal in nature and applicable across reports. There were also other universal keys that were hidden. Hence, to bring in consistency across the product and provide more space for reporting, the universal buttons are made hidden.

With a single interface, you can toggle to different modes of recording/altering a transaction without worrying about the pre-configuration or settings. For example, in TallyPrime, you can record transactions in the following modes as per your business requirement:

  1. Item Invoice
  2. Accounting invoice
  3. Single entry
  4. Double entry
  5. Forex gain or loss
  6. Interest calculation
  7. Use as Manufacturing Journal

For Income and Expense Account to appear in TallyPrime, you need to go to the Profit & Loss A/c ledger and then enable the option Use as Income & Expense A/c.

Like Tally.ERP 9, TallyPrime will continue to support both keyboard and mouse operations.

Like Tally.ERP 9, TallyPrime will continue to support Arabic by default.

The new look and colour of Tally is designed in a way to provide comfort to the eyes while working. It also makes the data more readable without causing strain in your eyes.

As per new product experience, we have minimised the number of options appearing on Gateway of Tally menu and all masters are made available under the Create option.

Switch To is same as Go To that will also allow user to navigate to any report while being in the product. However, user will not be able to go back to the previous place from where he triggered Switch To whereas in Go To, it is possible to return to where you had left and resume the action.

Facility has been provided to search for reports that you need. Secondly, commonly used reports have been included under a group named Common Reports. This would help you to identify the reports immediately.

We believe the new look will be welcomed by you and provide you with an even more delightful experience. So, unfortunately, the UI cannot be customised to look like the earlier Tally product.

In TallyPrime, you can navigate to a given report in multiple ways. You can access the same report via Gateway of Tally menu, Go To, Change View, Basis of Values, and drill down. Further to this, you can open the reports on top of each other using Go To. Since the navigation in TallyPrime is not linear, the concept of Show Open Reports has come into existence. It will allow you to view all open reports and navigate to any of them by clicking it. Show Open Reports is available under Go To.

TallyPrime comes with a whole new experience designed to give simplified and consistent experience across the product. We feel you will learn the product very fast. In any case, TallyPrime supports co-existence with releases of Tally.ERP 9, which means both products will continue to run independently. You can choose to install TallyPrime in a different folder, experience it, and move to TallyPrime whenever you feel comfortable.

All company features are available at F11: Features screen. During the creation of company, if any of the features are not activated – maybe during that time it was not necessary for the company or it was missed out, without worrying about the fact that features were activated or not, even while creating the masters, users will be allowed to activate/enable the  feature.

This is to maintain consistency across the entire product and to help build memory of the buttons on the right-side as the placement is uniform across the product.

At present, we do not have the capability to select multiple companies while loading companies. However, if you want to always open multiple companies, you can configure it to auto-load

TallyPrime Release A comes with a new product experience. With this change, various options and configurations available in the product are rationalised to provide consistency and usability (specifically from the perspective of discoverability). So now, license information will be available as part of Top Menu in Tally Application.

Go To will help you to access all default reports and view any report for quick reference. However, the flexibility of creating voucher and creating/altering master has been provided.

We have added quite a few alias to existing report names so that you can find the report using different names as you are convenient with.

Currently, you are not warned on the transactions that are on hold. However, Go To helps you to go back to the original voucher type/report from where you had navigated.

In Go To, there is a section named Show Opened Reports that will highlight all the reports viewed by you. You can click any of the reports and directly navigate there.

At present, we do not have the capability to mark reports as favorites and to show under Go To. However, we have taken a note and will pass to our product development team for further analysis.

Go To will remain primarily for reports only. We are checking with further feasibility to extend the support for searching voucher number in our future major releases.

In TallyPrime, the report will be available as a part of Change View of the Cash Flow report or can be directly viewed from Go To. As Cash Flow Projection is meant to be seen along with Cash Flow report, the product is designed to provide all related reports together and it is one-time learning for you to get used to the necessary behaviour changes/discovery of accessing reports.

Receipts and Payments is now available under Change View of the Cash Flow report or can be also searched in Go To.

The list of accounts/masters is now available under Chart of Accounts and can also be searched under Go To.

In Go To, search for Reversing Journals or Memorandum Vouchers. Then, select the respective reports.

From Trial Balance, press Alt+G (Go To) (available on the top bar) and select Day Book from the list of reports.

In TallyPrime Release 1.0, tax analysis for each taxation modules are separately available. This has been done to improve the readability and provide information for a specific taxation only. Providing shortcuts for all taxation modules is not suggested and even you will find it difficult to remember. Hence, we have brought all of these together under More Details.

However, in the next GST offline release, we are working completely on GST taxation module (we are introducing stat data voucher concept). We will consider tax analysis with stat data voucher holistically and redesign based on inputs from the market also.

Scenario: Some cases the options differ based on the format, in this the user after selecting the format has to again go back or come front and then  choose the option. For e.g., When we export Sales register we get pivot table option only when format is Excel, We get dependent masters only when format is XML. Here the user has to go back and choose these options after he selects the format.

Since print configurations are seldom changed, it was decided to put functional configurations on the top and print configurations in the bottom. However these configurations can be searched and enabled.

Exclude Order Voucher is dependent on Type of Voucher Entries. When the values for Types of Voucher Entries is selected other than All Vouchers, Exclude Order Voucher becomes active.

This is a new table behavior, where Enter will change the value of the configuration and save. Whereas Esc and Ctrl+A will take you out of the table. We believe that this is a one-time learning for you and you would love it when you start using the new search mechanism.

These report will not be available in the table by default. Neither it will be available on selecting Show All. However, to make the inactive reports discoverable to the users, provision is given in the Go To table to click  Show Inactive. Alternatively, type the desired report in the field available. This will highlight the reports for which the feature was not enabled in F11.

In TallyPrime, table capability has been improved to list configurations. The configuration value can be changed by pressing Enter and movement across the configurations would happen using Up or Down arrow. The new experience has been brought so that users can easily search the required configuration just by typing it in the search box and then pressing Enter to do the changes. This will help user to complete the task faster.

TallyERP 9 Support

We continuously update online help to ensure that more business scenarios are addressed based on input from our customers. This helps in meeting your requirements better and providing an enhanced experience.

For quick access, you can open the site tallysolutions-me.com on your mobile. For offline reference, you can also download any topic as a PDF when you are connected to the Internet. However, we recommend you to access online help in order to ensure use of the latest content.

The shortcut keys are changed to bring consistency in the product. Unlike the old way of working, a key will now perform the same functionality across the product. Universal keys are brought into the product so that the users are able to perform similar activities which they used to perform in other applications. Hence, they do not have to learn new things. With these new changes, things have become easy to remember.

Event Log will show the logs of the running instance only. At present in TallyPrime, we are not supporting the log management. However, this is a good feedback and we will take this up in the future release.

TallyPrime application loads all the required files such that you will not find delay in opening reports as compared to Tally.ERP 9 releases. Therefore, you may feel a marginal increase in application loading.

We understand that this feature exists in Release 6.x. We have taken a conscious call to remove password strength from the product as overall security including password strength will be taken up in future releases and solved with completeness.

Application And Account Management

Other questions: 

  1. Why am I not able to find product info panel items?
  2. How do I know the release number of Tally?

In TallyPrime, we have enhanced the experience to help you to find almost all the information about the deployment at a single location and also about the environment in which it is running from F1 (Help) > About.

You would require to navigate to update report and then start the update process. Or from the About report, you can check whether the new release is available and navigate to update report to start update.

All these info along with host of other info about your Tally installation and environment can be accessed from About Page.

It will continue to be easy for our users to understand weather his application is in license mode or not, by viewing the product identity at the title bar.

With this approach, you will not need to read through the content/description as was the case earlier, but the visual clue will indicate it much faster manner. Unlike the previous case where the panel could have got hidden due to user choice, in the new approach, the title bar it is discoverable always. Additionally, if you want to get complete information you can always go to the About page for the same.

About report contains information of application, license, data, TDLs, and the deployment information. 

When an activity fails, user must be prompted a message to notify the failure. In case of the sequence of failure messages, the user will be prompted to check the Event Log report where the Calculator Panel messages will be redirected to. This report is capable of being filtered as per the functionality.

These facilities have always been available from the web too. However, the experience on the web was different from the experience provided in the product/application, which was confusing to the users.

To provide a uniform, seamless, and convenient experience, we have moved it to the web. The link of the web is also available from within the product.

Since this was to help in getting information when the user was on the move, we have substituted this with reports on browser which has much more information across many reports for those who want to access it on the move.

Licensing Remote Access And Synchronisation

In order to support a specific use case of users who require to work in both Tally.ERP 9 and TallyPrime Release A using same license instance, support for co-existence is provided in the TallyPrime Release A Gateway server. This allows individual products to be used in licensed mode with the same deployment.

The number of days it can support co-existence is a business decision considering various aspects including customer needs (due to statutory and non-statutory reasons).

TVU is a license entitlement, and it will work as long as the license supports a specific release. For the specific scenario mentioned in this question, as the license is valid for both Tally.ERP 9 as well as TallyPrime Release A, the customers migrating from Tally.ERP 9 to TallyPrime Release A can avail all the entitlements of the underlying license including TVU. 

In order to support a specific use case of users who require to work in both Tally.ERP 9 and TallyPrime Releases A using the same license instance, support for co-existence is provided in the TallyPrime Release A Gateway server. This allows individual products to be used in licensed mode with the same deployment.

Thus, a Tally.ERP 9 client and TallyPrime Release A client can point to TallyPrime Gateway for the purpose of getting a license.

Yes, all Tally applications need to be updated to TallyPrime in order to use data sync and remote access. Backward and forward release compatibility is not there for data sync or remote access. 

The data model used in Tally.ERP 9 is different from the one used in TallyPrime. If synchronisation and remote access are allowed between Tally.ERP 9 and TallyPrime, this may render the data inaccessible. Hence, for user’s benefit, we do not allow remote & sync to work with older versions.

Yes, you can use the same license for both Tally.ERP 9 as well as TallyPrime. In Tally.ERP 9, you will continue to work in the same manner as it has been today. Kindly refer the help link for the same. For TallyPrime, you can activate and reactivate from the license management screen. Kindly refer to help for a step by step guide.

For Release 4.x or earlier, moving to TallyPrime is a manual process. The user needs to download TallyPrime setup from download page of the Tally Solutions portal, run the setup, and follow steps.

In the past, the option to buy Tally License was available from within the application as well as from the website. However, the experience of the website was different from the experience provided in the product/application, which was confusing to the users.

To provide a uniform, seamless and convenient experience, we have moved it to the website.

Your TSS renewal date will not get affected by any product update including TallyPrime. Current renewal date remains the same.

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At Tally innovation never stops. Our drive to simplify the lives of business owners never fades. That is why , we have gone a step further to #MakeEveryDaySimple for you